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Kalemie (loc., DR Congo)
Karagwe (loc., Tanzania)
Karema (loc., Tanzania)
Kasama (loc. et rég., Zambia)
Kasanga (loc., Tanzania)
Katanga (reg., RD Congo)
Katwe (lake)
Kazembe XIV (chief)
Kazembe XV (chief)
Kerewe (loc., Tanzania)
Kigoma (loc., Tanzania)
KILINDI (Tanzania)
Kilwa (loc., Tanzanie)
Kimbu (loc., Tanzania)
Kindu (loc., DR Congo)
Kisale (lake)
Kivu (lake)
Kivu (lake, reg., DR Congo)
Kivu (reg., RD Congo)
KONGO (anc. king., Angola)
KONGO (DR Congo)
Konongo (Nyamwezi group)
KUBA (DR Congo)
Kundelungu (mounts, DR Congo)
KUSU (DR Congo)
KYUSA (Malawi, Tanzania)
KYUSA (Tanzania)
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